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Meet Our Activities Director

Steele Hill Resorts offers an array of activities each week, put on by our fabulous activities director Nancy. The activity schedule goes up each Friday and there is something for everyone. From Teddy Bear Mountain, to frog racing, and s’mores there is never a dull moment up on the hill. Check out our interview with the long-time activities director Nancy below.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and how long you have been with Steele Hill.

I am starting my 9th year working for Steele Hill. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts from the University of Maryland and have raised a beautiful family of four children with my husband. In my past I have been a girl scout leader, cub scout leader, and a classroom mother for over 12 years. Before Steele Hill I worked for the Smithsonian as an exhibit specialist in Washington D.C. where I did everything from picking out the wall color, to the placement of the designs. In my spare time, I love being outside whether its hiking, fishing, or camping. So, that combination of love for the outdoors and art made my position as an activity director the perfect fit.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I love making memories and being a part of a guest’s memories whether it’s a family or individual. It’s where I feel like I am making a difference in people’s lives, even if it’s just a small memory, the small moments are the ones that can mean the most in the long run. When a guest comes on vacation they want to come get away, relax, and be carefree and I can help achieve that. Since I have worked here over the course of 9 years it’s amazing to see some children I met at the beginning of my time who are now heading off to college, and they still come say hi to me and join in on some of the activities I put on, and that is rewarding knowing that myself, and Steele Hill can hold a part in their memories of growing up.

What has been the best feel good moment of your time here?

I remember this one time I added knitting to the activity scheduled. Unsure if anyone would show up, I had one middle aged man come in and told me he wanted to learn how to knit. He told me how growing up his Grandmother was a big knitter and always wanted to teach her grandchildren. He had promised her that one day she could teach him, but she had passed away before he ever got to learn, so he had it on his bucket list to one day learn how to knit. He was the only one that showed up that day, but we sat down for the full hour and I taught him how to knit, and when he finished he stood up with a big smile on his face and thanked me.

What makes the children most excited?

For the kids, I tend to get crafts that parents otherwise wouldn’t get at home. And I mean the really messy ones that involve glitter, sequins, and colored sand etc. I dump it all out on the table and let them have free range. They can get as messy as they want and its okay because they aren’t at home. They also love the wildlife we have here at Steele Hill. We have a stocked pond, and I will take the kids out to catch frogs and then we will do a frog race, the kids get to go outside and really get their hands dirty, they get so excited about that.

How do you come up with the activities?

Whatever I come up with I know it has to be successful in one hour. I can’t occupy guests all day with a four-hour craft because they have all of these other plans, I always keep the guests’ time in mind. I am not running a summer camp, I am only here to enhance their experience, so anything too complicated might deter from that. For example, one activity I do is creating dream catchers, for the little kids they can just make their own path without learning the exact techniques, but for the older ones they can take time to learn the knots and strings correctly. I also always have a Plan B and C to occupy guests if they finish an activity early.

How do the activities at Steele Hill set us apart from other hospitality experiences?

In my own personal experience, I have noticed that when I have been at other resorts their activities only occur once a day or maybe only every other day, and this is normally only during their peak season. Here at Steele Hill I do multiple activities 5 days a week, 12 months a year. I am also the only person putting on activities here, and I have been here for so long that on a personal level I get to know reoccurring guests and year after year. It is unique in the sense that they know who I am and I know who they are, it’s a family owned resort so when you come here that’s the feeling we want to embody.

Also at Steele Hill the cool part is that you can try all of the activities and amenities we have here for zero to minimal cost. So, if you wanted to try out golf you can do so for free here and you might come away with a new hobby for life, or if I am running a jewelry making activity I have some guests say “this was so much easier than I thought, where can I buy the supplies?” Guests are able to try something new and can take what they learned from Steele Hill and enjoy something for the rest of their life they may not have otherwise discovered.

Family Fun at the Resort

Steele Hill Resorts is the perfect vacation destination for families. Those that have stayed with us know how much we have to offer, and for those that don’t we are going to paint the perfect picture. A majority of our rooms are set up as suites or townhouses and offer a full vacation condo experience. In many rooms you will have access to a full kitchen that includes a fridge/freezer, stove top, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Some additional in-room amenities that our larger units offer include dining areas, full living rooms and decks with breath-taking views of the lakes and mountains.

Imagine waking up with your family and whipping up a batch of pancakes and bacon on the stove top in the comfort of your own room. After breakfast, there is always something going on or activities available at the resort so if you are unfamiliar check in with the concierge and they can get you started. The pools are a big hit, so if it’s a bright and sunny day, post breakfast head down to the outdoor pool area for a morning of fun. There is a big pool for children and adults and a kiddie pool for the young ones. There is also a playground located right by so you can lounge by the pool as your kids play.

After your morning by the pool, head up to the onsite convenience store, The Market, and grab some choice hiking snacks. Walk across the street towards the trail head and kick off your hike on the red trail. A network of over five miles of trails surrounds the resort grounds. Keep an eye out for animals such as the wild turkey and deer that often frequent the woods. If you are lucky, you might even see an owl or rabbit. Find a good spot to stop along the trail in one of the back fields or on a rock under a canopy of trees for a family picnic.

Once back at the resort, check out the activities schedule to see what is going on during the day for some family fun. Activities often include an ice cream social, candy bar bingo, making a customized, stuffed animal at Teddy Bear Mountain, or joining in on the newest activity this year, a campus-wide scavenger hunt.

For dinner, as a family head to the Hilltop Restaurant where you can sit by the large picture windows and reflect on your favorite parts of the day while eating a delicious meal looking out at beautiful views of the lakes region. Save room for dessert and head to the outdoor fire pit where you can roast marshmallows and build s’mores.

As a night cap, stop by the check in office and rent a movie to bring back to your room. Pop in some popcorn and unwind from the day how it started, with family.

Adventures by the Pond at our NH Resort

With the sheer variety of amenities at our New Hampshire Resort, who would have thought that the pond is often the biggest draw? Golfers love the views from our 9 hole course. The new, full-sized basketball courts have been a huge hit and the west indoor pool is what we are known for, but often times, on those bright and sunny summer days, visitors flock to the resort’s large fishing pond.

In part, the popularity is driven by our activities director showing kids and adults alike all of the wildlife that calls the pond home. From the resident snapping turtles to the stocked rainbow trout and the old bull frogs, Steele Hill’s fishing pond can be a great substitute for a trip to the aquarium. Oftentimes guests will get a chance to get up close and personal with the resident animals.

This year, Brianna, one of our luckiest guests, was able to catch the biggest crayfish on record at Steele Hill. While the picture doesn’t quite do it justice, this king of crustaceans measured out at almost 7 inches long. Good job Brianna and thanks for helping us release him back into the water. Future guest are bound to be in for a shock when they think they see a lobster strolling along the bottom.

Measuring Guest Satisfaction One Crayon at a Time

In the hospitality industry sometimes it’s the little things that let you know your hard work is worth every ounce of sweat. In the midst of cleaning rooms, prepping meals and checking in guests, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. Our company goal is to provide people with a precious moment of time to enjoy with their family. We measure our success by the number of photo albums that include pictures at Steele Hill.

As a family resort, the kids are often the best judge of a good vacation. If we can send them down the road with a positive memory of their experience in New Hampshire, then we have done our jobs. That being said, we felt it appropriate to share some glowing reviews from our most important demographic of guests. These pictures were dropped off at the front desk. I hope you enjoy the artwork. We certainly did…

Our Family Resort in New Hampshire

Family time is a precious commodity these days. Long hours at the office and demanding after school activities for the kids are becoming more commonplace. Finding time for those quality moments with the ones you love is more important than ever.

Steele Hill Resort is the perfect antidote to your hectic work schedule. Imagine taking a weekend and escaping with the family. Leave the city behind and enjoy an adventure with the kids up in the pristine natural setting of the Lakes Region. If you live in the country, spending time enjoying the various amenities at Steele Hill is a great way to make some family memories together. In these busy times, a break from the ordinary is just what your family needs to bond with each other.

If you are looking for a family resort in New Hampshire, Steele Hill Resort is a great choice. Our 500+ acre campus offers the perfect playground to get away from your day to day lives. The resort amenities include our large, indoor pool area with waterslide. Parents can enjoy a relaxing dip in the roman spa while the kids have fun on the slide. The amenities center also includes 3 widescreen X-box Kinect stations for the kids to play video games while burning off some extra energy. Steele Hill’s network of over 5 miles of trails offers a true chance for adventure. Round up the kids and spend the day exploring the trails that wrap through the forests and hills surrounding the resort. A close encounter with the resident wildlife is sure to bring a smile to kid’s faces and make a memory that will last a life time.

If you are looking for an escape from the ordinary, look no further than Steele Hill. Be it spending a day enjoying the resort amenities or just sitting back with your family and taking in the breath-taking views of the lakes and mountains, your family photo album is sure to have some new additions after your stay with us. We hope to see you soon.