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Sunrise over the golf course at Steele Hill

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Steele Hill Goes Green with New Boilers

This year Steele Hill has taken a major step toward energy conservation. We are proud to share that we have installed all new energy efficient boilers in the main buildings at the resort. Given the major heating requirements of a large mountaintop resort like Steele Hill, increased energy efficiency goes a long way toward reducing fossil fuel consumption, providing better heating services and saving money.

For the conservationist out there, here are a few facts to highlight our improvements. For the recent boiler installation in the amenities building, we installed a modular Viessman Vitoden 200 High Efficiency Boiler (see picture above). This modular unit runs in a range of 92 – 98% heat transfer efficiency, meaning that for every unit of energy created by burning propane our new boilers can transfer about 92% of that heat into the water running through the unit. The new boiler system is a smart unit. Based on the heat requirement in the building, the system will turn on or turn off the modular units that generate heat. This means that if the building is already warm, only one of the components will stay running.

Our boiler consultant, T & C Services, estimates that our conservation efforts will reduce our energy requirements for the year by up to 20%. Now for the average Joe, that may not sound exciting. For the staff up at the Hill that get to experience mind blowing sunrises and pristine forests on a daily basis, we are pretty happy about using less fossil fuels.