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Observation Tower at Steele Hill

The first sight you see as you turn the corner towards the top of Steele Hill Road is our distinguished observation tower protruding from the West Amenities Building. The tower provides a 360-degree wrap around view of the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Open 365 days a year, our viewing tower is one of the resort’s favorite amenities.

Situated on the top floor of Steele Hill’s West Amenities building, the viewing area is the perfect location to relax and enjoy the incredible sights of the nearby lakes and mountains. We have recently overhauled the tower to make for a more enjoyable experience for our valued guests. Some of the fresh renovations include: completely residing the exterior of the tower, switching to energy efficient insulation, installing all new windows, providing air conditioning and adding seating benches to the top floor. Our favorite improvement is the addition of three unique panoramic photos identifying over 35 mountain peaks within the viewscape.

Our maintenance team created the displays for each of the individual photos and mounted each photo under the freshly remodeled tower windows with the respective views visible.

These newly installed tower displays offer the opportunity to turn your vacation into an educational experience by identifying the visible peaks in every direction.

Whether you have climbed the tower on multiple occasions in the past or plan to experience it for the first time during an upcoming vacation, the incredible vistas are unparalleled in the region. The tower truly offers spectacular views and unforgettable memories, be sure to make it a point to visit during your next trip to Steele Hill Resort!

West Sauna Renovation

If you have been able to visit our West Amenities building within the past month, you may have noticed a big change. We have recently completed a total renovation of our West electric dry heat sauna that may literally and figuratively take your breath away.

Picture yourself finishing up an intense cardio session in our exclusive fitness center then heading over to our newly renovated sauna to kick-start your body’s recovery process. Spending up to twenty minutes in the sauna not only increases the circulation in your body, but also in return promotes relaxation and reduces stress as well as allowing you some down time to finish (or start) planning the rest of the day ahead of you.

As you approach the sauna you will notice the new quality cedar door smoothly sanded and equipped with a thermal window. Once you step in, there is a single custom cedar bench to replace the old block benches as well as an updated mounted cedar guard rail and ceiling boards. The walls and floor have been completely reconstructed with an Ansley Amber ceramic tile for a more modern feel while you relax in front of the brand-new heating unit. Sweating has never been so nice!

The Market our New Resort Convenience Store

Guests are in for a pleasant surprise with the roll out of our onsite convenience store. Located in the West Amenities building near the large indoor pool, The Market covers all your convenience needs. From a fresh cup of Starbucks Coffee to an assortment of tasty food items, the new store is a veritable one-stop-shop to restock your in-room kitchen during your next visit. Specialty items include a variety of beer and wine and a wide range of exciting Steele Hill merchandise.

Enjoy your stay lounging by the pool without being inconvenienced with a trip to the grocery store. Stop by the Market at Steele Hill Resorts during your next visit.

Introducing the Signature Series Rooms

With much anticipation, we are proud to announce the arrival of the Signature Series rooms at Steele Hill West. After an extremely busy winter and spring, the new units are ready for the spotlight. This year marked a complete gutting and overhaul of the developer owned West Townhouse Units. Located near the main amenities center, this block of rooms sets a new standard for accommodations in the Lakes Region.

Experience magnificent, open-concept kitchens with granite countertops, new cabinets and fresh appliances. Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee by the breakfast bar, while your family curls up by the fire on all new furniture or enjoys a movie on the mounted flat-screen television. Additional details include hardwood style laminate flooring throughout the kitchen, granite counters in all the bathrooms, and mounted flat-screen TVs in both the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. With bedding variations that include a sleep 6 with a king bed in the guest bedroom and a sleep 8 with two double beds in the guest bedroom, these townhouses offer accommodations for all group sizes.

Experience Steele Hill’s incredible views of the Lakes and Mountain from the deck of our new signature townhouses or relax in the spacious living space with all the amenities of home. The signature rooms offer a new face to Steele Hill’s long tradition of hospitality.

Renovations Update – A New Face to the West Hall

Steele Hill Resort aims to consistently improve the guest experience year after year. In the beginning of 2013 the expansive West Hallway was targeted for a complete remodel. As a major element of our guests’ first impressions of Steele Hill West, this hall provides direct access for 40 West Townhouse units to the large, indoor amenities center.

With the goal of modernizing over 300 feet of hallway and laundry facilities, this renovation project was a significant undertaking. The project called for replacing the more dated, pine board walls with fresh drywall, new rub rails and complete baseboard coverage. New carpets including runners near the freshly installed glass entry doors capped off the project. With insight from our design team and a view towards modernization, a coordination of new paint and carpet colors helped breath fresh life into the hall’s appearance.

Now that the project is fully completed, this new face to the West Hallway really does wonders to raise the standard of first impressions at the resort. As a small part of our commitment to consistent improvements, the hallway project is just one brick in our road to a renovation renaissance of the entire resort.

NH Resort Fitness Center – Workout in Style

Are you as serious about your health as you are about your vacation time? If the answer is yes then Steele Hill is the resort for you. Forget our network of hiking trails. Forget the pools, tennis, basketball, racquetball and golf. Our shiny new fitness center is the perfect place for you to get serious about your daily workout routine.

From elliptical machines to treadmills to recumbent bikes, the new aerobic section includes a variety of high quality fitness equipment. Each cardio station sports its own flat-screen TV for your workout entertainment. If you are not in the mood for a run, the weights section has everything you need to break a sweat. From our CYBEX tower station to our two flat benches and high quality dumbbells, the new gym is designed for a full body workout. Additional amenities include Medicine balls, stretch bands and a plyometric pull-up/dip station.

The new fitness facility has been relocated to a completely renovated space near the main indoor pool area at Steele Hill West. After a hard workout it is just a short walk through the locker room to relax in the pool or kick back in the roman spa. The new fitness center offers a professional gym experience down to the last details of rubberized flooring, full air conditioning and a stainless steel water cooler. So if you are looking for a fit-cation, come visit our New Hampshire Resort and check out the new fitness center.

Steele Hill Goes Green with New Boilers

This year Steele Hill has taken a major step toward energy conservation. We are proud to share that we have installed all new energy efficient boilers in the main buildings at the resort. Given the major heating requirements of a large mountaintop resort like Steele Hill, increased energy efficiency goes a long way toward reducing fossil fuel consumption, providing better heating services and saving money.

For the conservationist out there, here are a few facts to highlight our improvements. For the recent boiler installation in the amenities building, we installed a modular Viessman Vitoden 200 High Efficiency Boiler (see picture above). This modular unit runs in a range of 92 – 98% heat transfer efficiency, meaning that for every unit of energy created by burning propane our new boilers can transfer about 92% of that heat into the water running through the unit. The new boiler system is a smart unit. Based on the heat requirement in the building, the system will turn on or turn off the modular units that generate heat. This means that if the building is already warm, only one of the components will stay running.

Our boiler consultant, T & C Services, estimates that our conservation efforts will reduce our energy requirements for the year by up to 20%. Now for the average Joe, that may not sound exciting. For the staff up at the Hill that get to experience mind blowing sunrises and pristine forests on a daily basis, we are pretty happy about using less fossil fuels.