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Sunrise over the golf course at Steele Hill

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Local Wildlife at our NH resort

The panoramic view from the observation tower at Steele Hill West gives you a glimpse of the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer in and around our NH resort, but only a walk along our trails or a quiet morning stroll through the grounds will give you opportunities to view some of the animals that thrive in this mountainous region of the Granite State. From black bears to wild turkeys, we have it all here at Steele Hill. If you’re staying with us for a while, please make it a point to check out the local wildlife.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not suggesting you go forage with a family of bears or track down one of the fisher cats we occasionally see in the back woods. Safety must come first, but if you travel along our well-marked trails you should be fine. Making sure you have some people along with you is a good idea, at least to grab a good picture if the opportunity presents itself. It’s extremely rare for any wild animal to approach people this close to a NH resort. You will, of course, need to keep the noise levels down if you want to spot some of the rare and beautiful woodland bird species that can be found here.

Before you venture into the woods, check out the golf course just south of the Inn. In the spring you’ll see a flock of robins gathered along its slopes, true harbingers of warmer weather soon to come. If you’re lucky you may even spot a deer or our resident fox and in the summer you might just get to meet our course woodchuck. No need to worry about him if you’re playing a round of nine. He just likes to watch. Like all creatures here at Steele Hill, we consider him family too.

Venture behind the registration building, and you’ll find an equally diverse group of species in our fishing pond. Yes, that is a large snapping turtle you see hovering just below the surface and the creature you see skimming through the water is an otter. They both live there in harmony with other turtles, fish, frogs, and whoever decides they want to hang out along the banks, including our guests, many of whom spend hours by the pond both with and without fishing rods.

Have you ever encountered a wild turkey? Don’t get too close, especially if you happen to catch old Tom Turkey with his tail fanned out helping a line of his more feminine feathered friends across the road between the basketball courts and the carriage house. He doesn’t mind showing off his charges, but don’t startle him. You might be in for a surprise. We recommend you do what the rest of us do. Kick back, relax, and wonder at the marvels Mother Nature has provided for you. Our NH resort at Steel Hill has plenty of them to offer.