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Pool Renovations Prepare for the New Year

Up at Steele Hill we take pride in our resort amenities. Among our most spectacular amenities, the west indoor pool is a major attraction at the resort. With close to 45,000 gallons of water enclosed under a giant glass atrium, this pool area is unique to the Lakes Region. Anybody who has had the chance to bask in the roman spa or take a ride down the large slide into the main pool will probably agree. Given the number of guests that enjoy this facility each year, we make it a point to keep the facility in ship shape condition. During our slowest week, we take the pool area offline for updates and renovations.

This year proved to be no exception. From November 28th through December 9th our maintenance staff went to work with a long list of updates and renovations to the west pool area. This year’s task ranged from aesthetic improvements to conservation renovations.  Our maintenance staff worked extended hours painting the inside of the atrium and resealing the roman spa with fiberglass. The down period also included deep pressure washing of the new pool floor and top to bottom cleaning of the three story glass windows between the pool area and the lobby. Renovations included piping repairs and adding a new brominator to the small hot tub.

Beyond the standard repair work, we also replaced 40 panes of glass in the atrium structure. This improvement should provide better visibility and enhanced heat retention during the winter months. As part of our increased emphasis on conservation at the resort we also sealed off the old heating vents between the atrium space and the old mechanical room in the second floor of the tower. This insulation improvement will reduce heat leakage into the unused mechanical room and keep propane consumption down throughout the year. Cleanup efforts also included removing several tons of scrap metal from the old mechanical room freeing up over a thousand square feet of space for future utilization in the amenity building. Imagine a thousand plus square foot room looking down on the pool area from three stories up. The future holds many surprises for continuing improvements at Steele Hill Resorts.